Dashboard load on server side


Does there is an option to let the server to get all metric on it memory and only send few data (like a screenshot) of the requested graph ?

I mean, if i would like to diplay a report of 1 year, my server could use 16GB of RAM but my laptop doen’t have it. So that why i would like to have a way to compress data.

Does it possible ?


Ehh you can query any time range and only return the number of datapoints needed to show a graph, in your query just group by interval.

You don’t write a query that returns gigabytes of data to the browser, why would you do that? Only return the number of points you want to display

this is what i’m doing but we starting to have 1 millions point because we have huge report with a lot of dashboard. On my Chrome, on task manager, my grafana tabs go around 3GB of RAM… so that why i would like to know if i can have like an compression data from server which will send some point for the current reporting, and if i’m zooming on a specific time range, send the next part of data to have more information.