Dashboard loading

my grafana dashboard is always take a lot of time loading
any suggestion to avoid that ?


Which query do toi use ?

How many data point tout try to display ?


iam using influxdb+telegraf
what did data point mean?
and how to calculate number of data-points ?

i got the same problem with prometheus using snmp protocol to gather metrics from fortigate firewall !

For example every minute for one server telegraf send data to influxdb. On grafana if you want to display 1 hour data, you will have 3600 data points (60 *60)

But forget my question about data point.

Maybe you have hardware limitation. What is your spec ?

Which query do you use ? Do you use agregation ?

You Can use browser debugger ans see if you have network, JSS problem.

How many graph do you have inside your dashboard ?

1-I have acer i5 with 6G ram

3-Using f12 i no error/problem found
4-15 graph