Dashboard Hierarchy


I’m using Grafana version 8.4.3 on Ubuntu.

I’m trying to setup hierarchical dashboards with a main dashboard that has some simple status panels (or any other type of panel, I’m not fussed) that displays a particular colour based on the aggregated status of underlying panels on another dashboard.

For example, keeping it simple… I have two Prometheus data sources (Prometheus and Prometheus1), each scraping metrics from four Linux VMs (nodes) running node exporter.

I have a low level dashboard with a repeating panel (repeating per node) with three queries (CPU, Memory and Disk utilisation). There are thresholds set for each panel, (OK, Warning, Critical). This is how it looks for one of the data sources (note, I have a data source variable that allows me to change the data source via a dropdown):

I would like to have a high level dashboard, that effectively has two indicators (panels? or two stat visualisations in a single panel? or something else?) that reflect the highest threshold breached for all of the queries in all of the panels on the low level dashboard on a per data source basis.

So, in my exampled above, for the the first data source (Prometheus), the highest threshold breached is Critical. Let’s say everything is fine for all queries on all panels for the Prometheus1 data source (everything green). I would like to see in my high level dashboard, a red indicator for data source “Prometheus” and a green indicator for data source “Prometheus1”.

Something like this…

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance…

hmmm It sounds like you want to use chained variables. Here are some useful starting points and example dashboards in our public sandbox :+1: