Dashboard for the predefined shift time

I am developing dashboard in grafana

Shift time in manufacturing industry is today 7am to next day 7 am

Requirement whenever any one logins, the default time selection need to be today morning 7 clock to next day 7 clock

I used the now/d-7 and it is working.

However when it became a 00:01 early morning, when user login, dashboard need to show previous day to current day, not the today to next day.

I worked in java and asp.net, where I check the current hour, if it is less than 7, from date will be subtracted by 1 from today.

Any help?


If “now/d-7” does what you want, but shows “today 7am to tomorrow 7am” and
what you want is “yesterday 7am to today 7am”, then try “now-1d/d-7”


Thanks for your reply

What I want?

Example today date is 12 aug 2021

If the user logins at 8:00am, he need to see the time range default without any selection as 12 august 2021 7:00 am to 13 aug 2021 7:00 am

When user logins at at 13th August 1 am, he needs to see the time range default without any selection as 12th August 7:00 am to 13 aug 7;00am

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