Absolute time based on dashboard timezone

I am using Grafana 7.2.1 and I have a dashboard configured for Brazil timezone (UTC-3) which makes the information displayed in the panels in the desired timezone.

However, I wanted to have a default time range as Today, but Today in the dashboard timezone, not Today in my browser timezone. Since I am currently in a UTC timezone, when I select Today the graph start at 21H00 (Brazil timezone) of the previous day, corresponding to 00H00 UTC. Selecting from: now/d+3h , to: now/d+3h would not solve my problem because there are people accessing from another countries with different timezones. Is there anyway to achieve this desired behavior?

Thank you

Hello @hugoapfernandes, there is a github issue for this. You can upvote it and follow it to see when it is going to be implemented.

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Thank you! I wasn’t able to find it! Closing this thread.