How to set and interprete time properly in Dashboard

I am able to create the dashboard and using time-selector its working fine on a time range of a particular day. E.g. If I select yesterday then it shows me the time range in IST i.e. 00AM to 23:59:59 PM. But I wanted the day to be represented differently or 24 hours range to be selected as 08:00AM to 7:59:59AM (of next day).
My PC is configured with UTC timezone and Browser with IST (India) timezone.
How can I make Grafana to start any day at 8AM instead of 00AM till 7:59:59 AM next day?


One more observation is that I tried to change the Timezone, but only IST and UTC have effect. Other timezone changes does not change my start time i.e. $__from, it always gets set to timestamp of IST time zone i.e. 00:00 AM, but UTC has effect which results into 05:30AM. Other timezones like Asia/Tokyo which always shows start time as 00:00 AM

Am I missing some configuration here?

I don’t think you can get Grafana to regard “a day” as starting at 08:00 and
ending at 07:59.

It’s part of the inherent definition of “a day” that it starts at 00:00 and
ends at 23:59, nothing to do with Grafana itself.


Thanks Antony for your reply.
Yes right. But I was thinking if I set the timezone in a such way that 08:00 AM IST maps to 00:00 of some Timezone and fire the query, this will take care of next 24 hours I think. I was trying this but grafana does not reflect the from and to time based of timezone selected. I even tried using tz in the influx query but still its not working.

Can we have some alternative or work around to address such requirement?

Also what is to be changes so that Grafana allows the changing of from and to time based on the selected timezone (currently is works only for IST and UTC in my case)?


Any suggestion or guidance or alternative mechanism on this would really help