How to set a negative time shift to see the selected range the day after

Hi all,
i have a dashboard to show and aggregate data from a range of 7 hours between 9pm to 4am.
I have a line graph and a single stat visualization that shows the total for a measure for the given time range.
I duplicated the graph and set a time shift of 1d which shows me the same range the day before.
Now i want to add a duplicate of the graph to show me how it was the day after …
Entering a negative number in time shift seems not possible. How do i achieve time transformation to see more recent data (i.e. data that comes after the selected time range ?

(Using a time shift of 2d will also result in 3 graphs saying “this is the situation and how it looked 2 days before” which is a workaround and not exactly “The situation compared to the day before and the day after”)


I’ve just read a solution gave by someone on Github. Use “0d+1d” instead of typing negative value like “-1d”. And it’s work for me :slight_smile:

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Does this allow your query to respect $range AND the offset from dashboard variable that might be from list that looks like: