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Hi, I am using Grafana 10.2.2 windows OSS version . As part of my project i have a large Json file . So save that Json file in a location and call that file path via API call. Then Grafana can any possible way to read that json from the path and show the output as Bar chart.
Please help if any one knows the answer.

is that file static or does it’s content always change?

Hi, File is static

then use infinity plugin to directly load the file from disk and then you can create your bar chart. like this

Click on the Upload File button and select your file.


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If the file large/huge I won’t recommend using adding them to the dashboard/inline. This will be huge performance hit. Instead recommending to use some file server/API on top of the file to access it.

Inline option is mostly for debugging and storing small snippets. Anything more than 2MB, I will consider a large file.

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