Custom Plugin Installation issue

Hi ,

I’m facing an issue over grafana dashboard while importing one of them pmm dashboard and getting error as Panel plugin not found for pmm-update-panel .

I have dir of custom plugins but unable to install this plugin via grafana cli command . Any input would be greatly appreciated .

pmm-update-panel :
| |-- pmm-update-panel
| | |-- index.html
| | |-- modal.html
| | |-- module.ts
| | |-- plugin.json
| | -- style.css | –

Are you trying to install this set of dashboards for Percona: ? The pmm-update-panel seems to be part of that repo but is not published as a plugin to - and this is why you can’t install it with the CLI.

Or is it the percona app:

Anyway, you can check the Grafana server logs for errors on why it failed to load.