Plugin installation returns success yet, it isn't successful

Grafana CLI version 9.3.6 on Windows 10 education


so after a while of trial and error, trying to download the grafana mongodb and video panel plugins and failing, we decided to ask here for help.

using the CLI tool to download mongodb-datasource, innius-video-panel and volkovlabs-image-panel results in terminal saying that the plugins were installed succesfully, yet they dont appear in the plugins folder or are referred in the local grafana datasources and or panels.

we even tried to find the zip files, only we couldnt find the zip files…

all terminal outputs were similar, as they returned

←[32m✔←[0m Downloaded and extracted [plugin name] [plugin version] zip successfully to …\data\plugins[plugin name]

after all, the plugins didnt install, even though we followed every instruction listed in the plugins page.

the commands used:

grafana-cli plugins install grafana-mongodb-datasource

grafana-cli plugins install innius-video-panel

grafana-cli plugins install volkovlabs-image-panel

(both ran from cmd which ras as admin)

we followed the grafana plugins download instructions


We have found the solution to the issue. The problem was that the server lacked the necessary permissions to make changes and add files to the Grafana folder. We rectified this by granting the appropriate permissions, and the system is now functioning as expected.