Custom graph panel: zooming behaviour for rest of dashboard


we need a graph panel with more than two y-axes.
Since the standard grafana “graph panel” only supports 2 y-axes, i have implemented my own “graph panel” plugin based on grafana 7.
The development went very well thanks to the good documentation!

Now I have the following question:

how do i manage to tell the dashboard that my graph panel is zoomed, so that the rest of the dashboard can also adjust to the zoomed time range?
Is there an e.g. event that I can throw?

best regards

I wonder if there is a chance for an answer to my question or is it in the wrong categorie placed?

I’m not sure, but I don’t think you can update the interval from a plugin. Typically, the time interval is passed to each panel. Can you explain why you’d like the panel to be able to control the interval?

Also, I’m curious to know more about why you’d need more than two Y-axes, and how that would work.

thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

the reason for my wish is that “my panel” behaves exactly like the standard graphane graph panel:
zoom in and the rest of the dashboard will also be adjusted to the zoomed in time range.

we have customers who monitor industrial processes and sometimes it is helpful to display different metrics with different units or ranges of values in one graph, so that several y-axes are helpful

Hello Marcus,

When you use variables with more than 2 different units or have booleans plus two different unit analogs it’s essential to scale them independent one from each other. This is the most common case when using IoT or Scada in industry. This is in my opinion a major shortcoming of the graph object, at least in the IIOT context.