Custom dashboard to show Builds progress

HI, I have a specific requirement. Just wanted to check if its possible in Grafana.

I have few Jenkins jobs which are internally connected that executes one after the other based on the success or failure.

Dev --> Qa --> UAT – Prod and every stage has few Jenkins jobs.

Dev == git checkout, compile, junits, create artifact.
qa == configure env, deploy, run selenium tests.

There are few different products with similar work flow. Is there a way I can configure this in Graphana.

I tried to use grafana table panel with mysql databse. But that does not look like a neat representation of data on dashboard.

Here is just a sample thought. Please guide me how It can achieved in grafana.

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Or this can be a top view of all applications to check at what stage they are.

Hi @syedsfayaz you can use hygieia for build collection to mongo db and and use grafana to visualize it.
Hope helps you.

@jabnjr Thanks for your suggestion, but I already tried hygiene. It does not fit my requirement.

Can you please share how you export the job steps metric ?

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did we find a solution for this?