Creating a Jenkins job build flow diagram in a Grafana dashboard


I am working on taking a work flow diagram from Jenkins job and displaying it on a Grafana dashboard. Currently, I am using the FlowCharting plugin to display the status of each job within the larger job. Using Prometheus, I want to map queries to specific boxes in my flowchart to show the status of each of the jobs.

Currently, I have been able to upload a diagram into a dashboard. After writing the necessary Prometheus queries, I then moved to mapping rules for the FlowChart. Unfortunately, the mapping of queries is not working. Instead of mapping a single query to a singular box in the flow chart, it seems as if one query is mapped to the entire flowchart. Thus, when one query is in the critical range, every box on the diagram seems to be in the critical range.

My questions:

  1. Is there a way to, using the FlowCharting plugin, be able to show the status of Jenkins jobs in Grafana?

  2. If so, how do I map specific queries to specific rules for specific parts of the FlowChart?

  3. If not, is there another plugin or method that I can use to achieve this?