Grafana data from Jenkins builds through Prometheus

I’m not seeing anything in Grafana querying that would show me Jenkins build information.
Lets say im trying to set up a graph for build fails and build success. But also see the build names.

Im pulling data from Prometheus, which is pulling from a Jenkins Master with 2 slaves.
Thank you.

How are you scraping the metrics (there are loads of jenkins exporters)?

Right now we are using the jenkins plugin for prometheus to get the build counts and such. But those dont show any build names.
Then tried to install the jenkins exporter on the prometheus server to look for extra data but it doesnt want to work.
So right now there is only default data being pulled in.
Is there some exporter that works well with the set up we have to maybe just see the build summary pages? Build success / fail / last success / names etc.

Hopefully someone who knows more about this, can recommend another way to get Jenkins metrics.

But you can check some things yourself. Just to be sure, is this the one you are using?

The docs weren’t great for this plugin. If you go to the default endpoint /prometheus, you should get a list of metrics that are being scraped and you should be able to see the labels being used and if any contain the build name.

Here is an example of a line from the /metrics endpoint for Grafana (with labels: handler, method and statuscode):

http_request_duration_milliseconds_sum{handler="/login",method="get",statuscode="200"} 3

The other available plugin seems to be this one:

based on this blog post from Brian Brazil:

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Also, check out the Prometheus forum:!topic/prometheus-users/TodCZfJQMEQ

That might be a better place to ask this question.

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I have tried the prometheu plugin for jenkins. Its working fine but giving basic metrics which only gives count of jobs succeded and failed and likewise.

I want the job level metrices from jenkins into promethue to monitor. For how long my job was up/down.

For that I tried to configure the lovoo/jenkins exporter. Its documentation is not good. there they have given some parameters, dont know whether they are mandatory or not.
Then they ask for jenkins url. I am under impression we have to make the dockerfile changes in my jenkins docker image then how I could specify the jenkins url.

Please guide me on this. I am new to prometheus and jenkins as well.

Also now I am having doubt where to configure this exporter in prometheus docker image or the jenkins docker image.
Or if we have to create independent docker image please guide on the deployment and service for the same.

Thanks in advance. Please help me as soon as possible.I spent so much time on this.


is there any update on this ? I am also using a plugin on Jenkins called prometheus metrics. However, I need more details to be fetched from build tests results - such as how many test cases Passed/Failed within the build - Im using Pytest for this

Hi Danielle,

We are trying to build a grafana dashboard for jenkins pipeline within our organization for some inhouse application we are using Prometheus as data source.
Kindly help us on this so we can create and deploy dashboard because currently data are not getting populated in our test dashboard what we have created.

Jobin Philip