CSV Export depending on user role


is there a possibility to enable/disable CSV Export depending on the user role? e.g. View cannot export panel data to CSV but Editors can ?

Thanks for any hints

Not currently. Is security the reason for wanting to disable the export? So we could change this in Grafana but you should know that any user with the Viewer role can get the data in JSON form through the Chrome Dev Tools by inspecting a network request. Grafana does not provide fine-grained security at the database level. To restrict what users can see, make sure the database user in the data source settings does not have access to sensitive data.

sorry for the late response, yes it is for security reason to disable the export and it is “okay” that the data could be accessed via the DEV tools from Chrom or Mozilla…

There is no support for disabling functions in Grafana based on role and no plans for building that feature in the coming months. As it would be “fake” security, we would want to find a better solution before implementing this in Grafana.

We have discussed moving query execution to the backend (hopefully in the next few months) and then this sort of solution would be more viable.

Okay, sounds good. keep up the good work


Has this been already released ? Can we disable CSV export based on role now ?

Please tell me the solution for disabling the “CSV” option from panels.

Good day, I just wondering is there any progress or solution already exist for restrict data export to csv for viewers? It would be great to have at least this level of control!