[Solved] Disable edit access while allowing Export/Download CSV?

We’d like our users to be able to Download to CSV the data from a table panel. But, we don’t want to give them editing access to the dashboard. Is there a way to do this?

In case it’s not, we’ve begun looking into an action button on a text panel.

Our dashboard is only available in-house, so the action button may be an option. We’ve got a basic button working, and firing off an alert message. But, we’re not sure how to invoke the Download CSV functionality. Is there a way, from HTML in the text panel, to call the “Download CSV” function that is available on Grafana’s Panel Inspector?

Otherwise we’ll have to look into a custom plugin.

We’re using Grafana v7.0.3.

Well, looks like we just need to give the users Viewer roles, and they have the access to Download CSV without the editing permission. We think our access assumption was made because of an earlier version of Grafana we had used. Or our recollectionwas incorrect. Either way, we’ve got a solution we’re happy with.