Create custom roles


I see that there are currently 3 roles (Admin, viewer & Editor) in Grafana. Is it possible for an Admin to create custom roles and assign Teams/users the newly created custom roles.

No, there is no support for full RBAC and custom roles. What is it you would like to change in the current roles?

We have a requirement of creating dashboards for Business and technical. Business is more around monitoring the user journey and may be some graphs on sales. Technical is more on monitoring servers and analyzing log files.

Hence I was exploring If there is anything that I can use from roles to achieve this !!

There are two different ways to handle something like this: teams and organizations.

Organizations are built for multi-tenancy. This means that members of organizations cannot see each other dashboards or datasources e.g. business would not be able to see technical dashboards and vice versa.

Teams can be assigned permissions on folders, dashboards (and datasources if you buy Grafana Enterprise). This way you could give business people access to their business folders (which contain their dashboards) and technical people access to their technical folders and also have areas which both groups have access to.

Yea, I hear you. I have already done a POC by creating two separate Organisations, one for Technical and one for Business. But I just wanted to know If I was going in a right track, hence wanted to check If there is something already available in Grafana that I can reuse.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I was able to achieve this by creating Organisations. I think the only challenging part would be to link the users to these organisations during login using LDAP. I hope it’s straight forward.

is it possible to change the golang code to create custom roles. For example - a user should be able to add or delete another user but not change the dashboard.