Add A New User Role

I’m looking for an user role option in grafana, so that I can assign new user role apart from the the default ROLES (Admin, Editor, Viewer) what grafana already have.

I want to have a user role who can add-delete new user but can not delete or see any organizations.

Hello ademsaridag, currently it is not possible to create custom roles. All users have one of the following default roles (Super Admin, Admin, Editor, Viewer).

However, the role that you are mentioning is Admin role. With Admin role, you can do following things for the organization (where you are admin):

  • Add & Edit data sources.
  • Add & Edit organization users & teams.
  • Configure App plugins & set org settings.

With Admin role, you can’t delete organisation or see another organisations that you are not part of. This can be done only by Grafana Super Admin.

This is a view of Super Admin with Server Admin Tab:

This is a view of Admin (without Server Admin Tab):

OK, thanks a lot for your explanation.

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I want to set the user role to whatever it is in my ldap on startup and not the default role. How can i do that?