Create Button that perform 2 operations

Hi all,
Our current dashboard contains Grids that are querying Azure on load.
My goal is to make a button (On my Main dashboard) that perform 2 operations

  1. On Button click:
    1.1 Execute a query using datasource
    1.2 Take the result of the query and send to 3rd party url using HTTP Post

What is the best plugin/command/design to achieve this?

[quote=“ilan84, post:1, topic:43074”]
What is the best plugin/command/design to achieve this?
[/quot helo wlxome to the forums, can you show you design to better help you?

What do you mean my Design?
I have dashboards who are all using a AzureDatasource plugin that query ADX and then display results on grids.
My next action item is to create a Button near the Grid, This button will trigger an upload of the data to external API/HTTP Post request.
The HTTP Post body will contain the data from datasource.
Basically “exporting” of the data from grid and then reloading from offline/other side.

So my question is what is the best way to achieve?

  1. On Click, button should query the datasource (just like the grid query “OnLoad”),
  2. Fetch query result and send to API

The overall goal is that enduser can “export” the data and send to me so I could look at it offline.

sorry this is a bit hard to imagine, a image or a sketch would help to understand

What do you mean sketch? Software detailed design spec:) ?
I have a grafana grid, data is loaded to the grid when the page loads.
The data is added to grid via datasource plugin

I need to make Button object that will send that grid data (content) via HTML post command.
In order to get the data, i can query the datasource (which i already use) or to export the data from grid to .csv

yes a detailed desing. prefered tool is enterprise architect you could also use paint.

please reply faster so that this thread can be closed in time

Thank you so much for reply, This post can be deleted i re-wrote it much better with screenshot at:

please mark me answer as solution . thank you