Design question about sending data to external source

Hi all,
I was given a task (im Noob):
We have a dashboard that preset data, The dashboard grids retrieve the data via sending a query over Azure plugin datasource.

Create new button that will collect the same data presented on the grids, save it as dataset and send to Salesforce API. on Salesforce API someone will fetch the data, and we’ll be able to load if offline.

First I thought, If possible to save a snapshot of entire dashboard along with the data, as an object, send that object as HTTP body and reload that object on the other end, I saw this is impossible.
So my guess is that I need to create a button, button OnClick will query the Azure datasource plugin, fetch the information (Same query as we did on grid) and instead of sending data to grid → Wrap it in HTTP request and send to salesforce API

Is there a convenient way to do it?
I probably need to save the tokens/session identifier etc for security.
Does anyone knows of a guide with samples how to achieve this?
Or throw some components that are best suited for my scenario? design suggestion?

Thank you!


Just to make things clear you want to pull data then send it to the Salesforce API. (This is out of Grafana), you could accomplish that using some programming language as Go, you can then configure token for pulling the data then pushing it to Salesforce.

Hope it helps.

Good Luck

We will create a datasource plugin with Go lang
the question is, is this design is valid? can i communicate from Go plugin to external API (Salesforce?) and what object/component is best to use and achieve this behavior?

My current problem is that when window load the grids, the query automatically sent to datasource plugin and query azure, i dont see a button click event that can communicate with the plugin, all i see on button object is a way to send http request


I meant why use a grafana plugin ? You should just use a new app for scrapping your Azure and push it to salesforce.

Good Luck

Should I use a Grafana plugin to create HTTP Post request? or should i create another backend server for this?