Grafana dashboard button click to display webpage using Python

I am very new to Grafana dashboard. I have seen a Grafana dashboard for one of our iseries Application. This Dashboard displays data from the iseries app via Appmon. So, what I know so far is, Appmon pulls data from iseries app and pushes data in Grafana which Grafana uses to display very fancy dashboard with all those graphs etc. At the moment, apart from displaying graphs, this dashboard is also having some buttons which do nothing other than opening a blank page (or window). So, when I click on a button, it pops up few options and if I choose More–>Panel JSON, it shows me JSON data where I can see DataSource is set as AppMon Production. If I choose View option then it displays a blank webpage/window.

Requirement–> I was asked to built some functionality in this dashboard so that when we click on the buttons, it should display some data (example - select * from table where date= currentdate) on the new webpage/window.


  1. Is it possible to programme the click of a button in grafana dashboard?
  2. Can we use Python to code this?
  3. Or, should I use Python as main application to invoke grafana dashboard and then in my Python script, should I do webscraping to trap the button click and then show data on a new webpage? But, trouble in this approach is, I would not be able to use datasource of grafana in this approach. I was asked to use datasource of grafana (which gets data from iseries app via Appmon)