Using Grafana to execute a Script

I would like to use Grafana as the main interface for a program for the user, allowing them to run the program that spits out the data the grafana dashboard is visualizing.

I’ve seen this problem here: Create button to execute a batch or command file - #3 by kasmir

It says that Grafana itself cannot execute programs directly, but I am interested in making a roundabout way, and would like to use this grafana button panel plug in here: Button Panel plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

My idea is to create a program/service that runs by default on the machine, constantly monitoring for a GET or POST HTTP request that clicking the button would initiate.

Has it already been implemented before? Does this sound feasible? Where should I begin to try creating this myself?

Thank you, any help is greatly appreciated.

@irischen999 Take a look at the Data Manipulation panel. It supports GET for the initial request and POST for the update requests and allows you to receive and send data using REST API.

There are multiple API Server examples and YouTube tutorials to get started.