Copy properties from one graph to another

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maybe this is a quick one for the more experienced guys here. I managed to set up temperature monitoring for 18 rooms and the results are nicely displayed in a dashboard. Everything was fine, until it’s been decided to save energy and lower the temperature in each room.

So now I have to update all 18 graphs and therefore I’m searching for something to copy the ‘format’ of one graph and transfer it to the other graphs. The other option would be to add a new threshold line and different colors to the other lines for all other 17 graphs manually.

Is there a smarter way to do this?

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I’m using: [Open Source] v8.3.3 (30bb7a93ca)

Hmm, okay. Either this was a dumb question and nobody wants to answer, or there is simply no option available to transfer such parameters.

In any case, what I’ve figured out so far is that the description of the whole dashboard in available in JSON:

And looks like this:

So, what I can do is to copy the block thresholds of the first graph and use it to replace all other threshold blocks. This is error prone and not really convenient, but at least quicker than using the UI to adapt each graph manually.
Unfortunately, there is still a negative point: each entry, in this case each line in the graph, is handled as an object having an identifier. I guess (without knowing any details) that this one should be unique. Meaning, simply replacing the mentioned block could be unhealthy. I’ve tried to simply take the same object identifiers on one hand and on the other hand I’ve invented new ones and both worked fine. No idea, whether this is causing issues in the backend.


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puedes hacer una copia de un panel grafico, en la opciones de cada panel:

en more—> duplicate

después direccionar