Configure Motorola Flex and Grafana Cloud

Are there any steps to connecting Motorola Flex(Spillman) with Grafana Cloud?

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Hey there! I don’t see any plugins or integrations for Motorola Flex(Spillman) specifically, but in general there are three methods for working with your data in Grafana Cloud:

  1. Using agent-based monitoring: Use agent-based monitoring | Grafana Labs

  2. Shipping metrics and logs with remote_write: Ship Metrics and Logs | Grafana Labs

  3. Visualizing your data in-place with a directly connected datasource: Visualize Existing Data | Grafana Labs

I’m not familiar with the Motorola Flex(Spillman) datasource, so you’ll have more insight here for sure. If you can install Grafana Agent and the application exposes metrics/logs/traces that can be scraped and exported by the agent, then great! If not, is there a way to export data in Flex(Spillman) to a supported datasource like InfluxDB or MySQL? Alternatively, you are welcome to create your own plugin for this!