Feedback regarding grafana flow agent

Hey there, I’m a long time open source grafana user and started using grafana cloud recently for a new project. I tried setting up metrics and logs ingestion using the flow agent as it’s in beta and seems like the future. I’m using the debian repo on Ubuntu. Unfortunately ifound it very hard to get running correctly:

  • the Loki journald source seems to not be able to write it’s position file
  • the loki docker source needs a custom relabel config as well
  • same as the node exporter, as by default the instance label doesn’t include the hostname

All of these are solvable for me as I’m a grafana/Prometheus User in my day job, but i fear any novice user will struggle a lot. Some fully working examples would be very much appreciated. I really want grafana cloud to succeed as you’re doing great work engineering wise, but if i wouldn’t already love the products I would have already looked for another solution unfortunately.