Can someone point me to any instructions on how to configure macropower-analytics-panel on please?

I can find instructions on how to install the plugin and how to create a server to receive the data and have done so. But I cannot find any instructions on how to configure the plugin so that it sends data to the service’s URL.

Hello! I’m going to double check with the team here to be sure, but I do not think this plugin can be used in Grafana Cloud. Since the Grafana instance is managed for the user, many of the details this plugin gathers are intentionally obfuscated.

There is a similar feature called Usage Insights available with a Grafana Cloud Pro subscription if that’s useful. I’ll follow up here once I’ve confirmed with the team!

Thank you @Melody I didn’t know about that. It looks a lot like what I need.

Can you tell me how I can see insights going back 6 months or 1 year, please?

Context: We have a number of dashboards we suspect haven’t been looked at for long periods of time (dead) and as such, we’d like to understand and decide what we can do about them.

If we can get it without looking at each dashboard individually too that would be icing on the cake.

Thank you for coming back to us.

Usage Insights data retention will only be for the past 30 days. There should be a way to export logs of usage insights so you can work in bulk a bit faster, though I’ll need to check how that is implemented in Grafana Cloud since that differs from open source a bit. I’ll follow up once again to confirm and outline steps for that! There should be a grafanacloud-$orgname-usage-insights data source, so feel free to query that in Explore in the meantime and export logs from there as usual.

And this may be slightly tangential but there’s a guide for using cortextool to identify any unused metrics, if data is being shipped to Grafana Cloud. Here’s that doc if needed.

Also, I checked with the teams here and it looks like the plugin should function in Grafana Cloud. Using the example here, the external Prometheus data source would be added to Grafana Cloud, which would be scrapping a server which emits metrics in a format that macropower dashboards are expecting. The proposed setup then would be something like:

Grafana (Cloud, with Macropower dashboards) → Datasource → Prometheus → App emiting Macropower metrics

The plugin creator though will definitely have more insight though! I subscribed to the GitHub issue you created for that so I’ll keep an eye on that as well.