How to setup google analytics for Grafana Dashboard

I am tasked to run google analytics on Grafana dashboards. I know that there is an analytics plug-in available within Grafana called macropower-analytics-panel.
I would love to get both, the analytics plug-in and run google analytics on my dashboards. Please let me know if someone can help.

Thank you

Hi @qambarsabbas

Are you trying to track your grafana instance in google analytics, or do you want to somehow import your GA data into grafana?

Hey Matt @mattabrams , hope I am using the right name.
Google Analytics is done, someone from my company did that already.
If you can help me run the grafana plugin called macropower-analytics-panel. It is similar to google analytics. I may need you to give me each step from the very beginning until I am able to run the plugin on some of my dashboards and can see that its working. The steps provided by the plugin developers are too advanced for me.


Qambar Abbas

How are you running Grafana? Is it self-hosted? Does your company manage its own infra? The steps to install and configure this plugin are far from trivial, and you will need to run an http server on your own infrastructure, somewhere.


Yes, the company is running an enterprise version(I don’t have admin access but I have editor access for the enterprise). Yes, I am running a local version on my computer as well which I have full access to. how can I set up that plugin on my local server. I am assuming if I can figure out how to get the plugin to work on my local server, I am going to be able to run it on the enterprise server, of course with the right access.


to begin, how far along are you in the instructions?

I was able to download the plugin, and I can see it in my plugin folder as well as in the plugin location on the dashboard. I don’t know how to utilize it, like when I created a separate panel and used the plugin from visualization, it gave me an error.


This is what I see when I go into my plugin settings in grafana dashboard


Are you familiar with Docker Compose? To get this working on your local machine, I would clone the repo:

then shut down your current Grafana instance running on localhost.

And then run this docker compose command from the project’s root directory:

docker-compose -f example/server/docker-compose.yaml up

Actually No I am not familiar with Docker Compose!
“And then run this docker compose command from the project’s root directory” I don’t know how to so that.

I can use git hub desktop to clone it in the plugin/panel folder but I still need assistance in Docker Compose.

Hi @qambarsabbas

I’m afraid that this setup might be a tad too complex, if you aren’t familiar with Docker Compose.

Here is a getting started tutorial about Docker Compse from the official website. It builds a small http server using flask, so it will be good practice for you. I would spend some time working through this tutorial and this one on DigitalOcean, and then try returning to this installation process.

sorry here is the other link:

Thanks, Ill try this and contact you back

Hey @qambarsabbas

I’m the author of macropower-analytics-panel. Without further logs it’s difficult to be sure, but I think I was able to replicate this issue. If you look in your Grafana logs and see “access is forbidden to executable plugin file”, then I was able to replicate. This issue seems to be due to a security change made in Grafana 8.0 (which I’m guessing was also pulled into Enterprise 7.x), which refuses to load plugins that have the execute bit set on files.

I created an issue to track this here: I’ve included a workaround there (just a chmod command), but will try to get it fixed properly in a new release soon (likely v2.0.1).

In the future if you have any problems or need help with the panel, please create an issue here: I usually respond pretty fast to problems like this assuming I know about them! :slight_smile:

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