Configuration qbittorrent-exporter

Hi guys,
i use grafana 9.4.7 on docker system on my nas and for some time i trying to set a new dashboard on grafana that monitoring my qbittorrent. I installed qbittorrent-exporter by caseyscarborough and i followed all the instruction but without succeeding. I installed everything with docker compose without problems, i set my exporter ip and port in prometheus and connected with qbittorrent on his file config and i set in the item source of grafana menù adding the ip and port of my exporter. Where am i wrong? I don’t know if I explained myself well.

Any help is appreciated.

This is my exporter code:
- QBITTORRENT_BASE_URL=http://nas ip:por of qbittorrent
- METRICS_PREFIX=qbittorrent
- ‘17871:17871’

It’s seems that the problem was the order of the “scraper”. I added the code at the end of everything, now i’m able to see everything.