Concatenate Multiple Fields for Logs Panel Content Message

Using 9.4.7
I am looking to display my log message with some metadata in front of it using the Logs Panel. For example if my log field is “content”, I want my log message displayed to be:
{timestamp} {class} {level}: {content} — where the braces denote fields.

I have tried using Add Fields by Calculation using a binary operation, but if I replace my log field, the panel stops working. I know that the Logs Panel has an option to add timestamp, I am wonder if there is a way for me to add other fields.

If your log in JSON format, it’s easy enough to show int he panel

{job=~"$job"} | json | line_format " - {{.request_method}} {{.request_uri}} with HTTP status: {{.status}} "

As per this query the result in the panel is like below: