Log Panel - Only renders first field in query

Telegraf 1.12.5
InfluxDB v1.7.9
Grafana v6.5.2 (9504db8)

I’m using the Logparser telegraf input plugin to parse nginx logs into influx. Using the table panel i’m able to query and render all of the fields in the series, however the same query in the log panel only displays the first field in the select after the timestamp.

The query inspector shows all of the field’s headers and values being returned.

“xhrStatus”: “complete”,
“request”: {
“method”: “GET”,
“url”: “api/datasources/proxy/1/query”,
“params”: {
“db”: “telegraf”,
“q”: “SELECT “remote_addr”, “verb”, “request_url”, “status”, “body_byes_sent”, “referrer”, “user_agent”, “http_host”, “request_time”, “upstream_response_time”, “upstream_addr” FROM “nginx_live_access_log” WHERE time >= now() - 5m limit 1”,
“epoch”: “ms”
“data”: null,
“precision”: “ms”
“response”: {
“results”: [
“statement_id”: 0,
“series”: [
“name”: “nginx_live_access_log”,
“columns”: [
“values”: [
“check_http/v (monitoring-plugins 2.2)”,

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same here, using grafana 7.1.4 combined with influxdb source.

I like the logs panel visualisation. It gives some nice advantages above the table panel. But the only big disadvantage is that it only shows 1 field.
Next to the main message field, I log some metadata in my influx like level, source and thread
A tag like level is parsed automatically and results in a logline starting with a color mark according to the info/warning/error value inside the tag. So that is all very nice.
But for the thread tag, there’s no automatic parsing and by default you don’t see this value in your logline.

If you use the explore function and you click on the logline then it shows you the additional information about the metadata.
But still, when you’re scrolling through the loglines it should be possible to preview this tag.
I don’t know if I’m overseeing something? Am I using things the wrong way?