Colourblind graphs

Hi everyone,

I need to my my dashboards accessible to colourblind users. Is it possible to fill graphs with patterns and colours, rather than just colours? Our colourblind stakeholders are currently unable to make any use of the dashboards.


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*I need to make my dashboards accessible to colourblind users

Well what kind of colorblind? Is it a red/green deficency or are they completely colorblind?

Grafana doesn’t currently have a colorblind mode/theme available, it’s registered as a feature request in both grafana#13014 and grafana#18041. Hopefully it’s something which can be prioritized sooner rather than later — it would be very useful indeed :slight_smile:

Monochromacy – complete colour blindness.

For example, Trello lets you label cards using;


Grafana needs to do similar, as currently it is only accessible to those with trichromatic vision.

Agreed. Most countries have disability rights or accessibility laws, so Grafana needs to keep up as it arguably contravening them right now.