Colour Blind Accessible Alerts

Hi guys, not sure if this is the right place for this, sorry if misplaced. I have a large Grafana display in my office, which I use to show all the alerts we have configured. The idea is that anyone (in particular management) who passes by can see the change from a green heart to a red one, see whose section the alert is in, then go bother that person to check if they know there’s an issue. It’s working well so far, but one of our managers is Red/Green colourblind. While the icon does change from a full heart to a broken one, I’m concerned that it won’t be enough visual feedback for him to notice when he’s walking past. Does anyone have experience with this and have any suggestions on how I could make this more accessible? If not, do you know if the Grafana devs have any plans to add a colour blind mode for alerts?

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for the input. There are no plans on adding a color blind mode for alerts but we are working on making Grafana more accessible over all. One thing is not only/mostly relying on colors as the case with the icons for alerts. The icons used are old legacy icons.

I created an issue for this.

In the future if you find accessibility issues please create an issue at github.

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Thanks a lot Patrick, it definitely makes more sense to adjust the icons than to change the colours. I’ll be watching this issue with interest!