Missing alert red/amber/green bars for dashboard in Grafana Cloud

Hi - I’ve been trialing both Grafana Cloud and Grafana running on a VM to find out which one suits our use case.

I was impressed with this feature - I don’t know what you call it - but once an alert fires for a dashboard’s panel item it reports back as a RAG status - which is really a great feature we will certainly need

It’s still displaying fine on my Grafana running on a VM - but not on Cloud - this is either due to one or two things…

  1. The Pro trial has expired and it’s a Pro feature?
  2. Grafana Cloud has recently updated and it’s broken?

I’ve no idea what the official name for this feature actually is, so it will be good to understand and work out why it disappeared

Thank you in advance

Bump - any ideas on this one gratefully received - thanks

Does this help?

Hi @grant2 thanks for your reply - unfortunately not - can’t see the alert lines with either option on or off.

The heart symbol at the top of the chart still changes from green to amber to red/broken - but can’t see the lines

These appear to have returned successfully in Grafana Cloud 9.4.1

No idea how as I can’t find any information on this release - can only put it down to a prior bug that has now been fixed.

I’m not sure about using Cloud if it is going to break things in such a manner, I may have to switch to something else