Code review and approval delays for the plugin repository

I hate to complain, but it is taking simply AGES to get panel plugins reviewed and added to the plugin repository. I understand support for 3rd party developed panels is not a priority - but does it really have to take so very long? Multiple months with no comments - how can I tell if the process is still working?

I’ve been trying to get my second panel plugin - Multistat through the review process for nearly a year now (not all this delay is on your side - the original verison had problems and I was tied up with work for several months).

Again - I’m not complaining, but the repository issues entry says that this is being addressed at last - but that noet was from last November, And so far, I can’t see any progress.

Michael Moore


Sorry for the long delays, we’re working on a regular schedule for community plugins (which we love to get!).

Feel free to jump onto our slack. The #plugins channel is good place to get in contact and shorten any delays in publishing.

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