New panel plugin - michaeldmoore-multistat-panel

I’ve just put in a pull request to the plugin repository, with an added definition to my first cut release of a new table-like panel michaeldmoore-multistat-panel

Please review and approve this new panel for grafana - a d3 based table display with alarms and lots of configuration options.



Great! I’ll get back to you with feedback soon.

Stop press - I forgot to commit the before calculating the commit
hash - please use the corrected hash -


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It’s been 2 weeks now - any idea when you might get to this?

No pressure - just wonderin’

Sorry about that. I have installed it (and took a quick) and will get back to you with feedback this week.

My my, how the time flies.
‘this week’ has turned into a month now - any chance you might get to this sometime soon-ish?

I had a number of enhancements stacked up - including grouping, making a number of small bar graphs spread across the width of the panel etc (isn’t d3 wonderful?) - but I’ve held of committing them until you got a look at the first version.

Imaging this with lots of svg bars flashing - pretty trippy!

This has been sitting in limbo now for simply ages. Mostly, due to my being too busy to deal with the issues that came up in the initial review - mostly CSS issues with trying to get the boxes on the configuration page to line up properly. This was a real PITA. I got it all working properly though and added some really cool features at the same time, along with a test data source so it should be pretty easy to put it through its paces again.
For some reason though (I’m guessing you too have more important things to deal with), the latest pull request to add this to the official plugin repository has been sitting in limbo for the past several weeks. Maybe - just maybe you notification system doesn’t show up that this is waiting on a review and merge operation.

Any chance this will get evaluated again soon? Or, at least give some sort of expected date when this might be looked at. The silence is killing me. :slight_smile:

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Really sorry about this - I have a large backlog of plugin reviews to catch up on. I have seen it and will test it soon. Great to see that you persisted - looking forward to reviewing it.

This is dragging on for month after month. I guess you are swamped, but just in case I’ve been overlooked - can you set some sort of ‘expected’ date that I might be looking at?

Regards, and please don’t take this badly - Grafana is a great platform and your work is very much appreciated by all the community.

2 weeks later…




I did have a quick look and ran into problems. Trying to make time so that I can send a PR to help you out.


Ah - glad to hear that you are still alive :slight_smile:

It’s been so long since I looked at this that it will be interesting to me too, to pick it all up again.

What kind of problems did you run into? A line or two would be helpful right now.

It hung the browser so that I had to close the tab. Not sure why exactly which is why I haven’t replied.