New panel plugin - michaeldmoore-multistat-panel


I’ve just put in a pull request to the plugin repository, with an added definition to my first cut release of a new table-like panel michaeldmoore-multistat-panel

Please review and approve this new panel for grafana - a d3 based table display with alarms and lots of configuration options.



Great! I’ll get back to you with feedback soon.


Stop press - I forgot to commit the before calculating the commit
hash - please use the corrected hash -



It’s been 2 weeks now - any idea when you might get to this?

No pressure - just wonderin’


Sorry about that. I have installed it (and took a quick) and will get back to you with feedback this week.


My my, how the time flies.
‘this week’ has turned into a month now - any chance you might get to this sometime soon-ish?

I had a number of enhancements stacked up - including grouping, making a number of small bar graphs spread across the width of the panel etc (isn’t d3 wonderful?) - but I’ve held of committing them until you got a look at the first version.

Imaging this with lots of svg bars flashing - pretty trippy!