Icingaweb2 grafana integration panel plugin

I’ve created a pull request for the plugin I’ve did (integrating icingaweb2 with grafana). Is it ok?

Should I do anything more to publish it?

Sorry about being a bit slow. I have a plugin review backlog to catch up on - my focus has been on Grafana 5.0 the last two weeks. I might find time this week but there are some other plugins that I need to review first.

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No problem. I understand that it takes some time, I was only curious if I did everything needed from my side.

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Is there anything I can do to help with the review?

Sorry about the delay. We have been working nearly 100% of the time on the new Grafana release. We released the beta last week so I should be able to spend some time on plugin review this week.

No problem @daniellee. I really appreciate grafana5, we’re already testing it - looks really promissing.

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