CloudWatch cumulative total over time

Is there any way to add a cumulative total over time that would in effect add a metric that continues to grow by adding all previous metrics over time?

For example, using AWS/DataSync’s FilesTransferred metric:

Of course it’s nice to be able to have the table present a “Total” but I’m hoping/wondering if there’s any way to achieve a cumulative delta within the graph itself as a kind of virtual metric… Pardon my “paint” skills:

As far as I can tell all transformations create a single stat or table and I’m having no luck figuring out how to get what I’m looking for.

I was hoping Metric Math would have been able to help and thought I found a solution when I found this: but unfortunately I’m getting 400 errors in the panel response when trying to configure it like that.

Panel json:

“aliasColors”: {},
“dashLength”: 10,
“datasource”: “$Account”,
“fieldConfig”: {
“defaults”: {
“custom”: {
“align”: null,
“filterable”: false
“unit”: “none”,
“mappings”: [],
“thresholds”: {
“mode”: “absolute”,
“steps”: [
“color”: “green”,
“value”: null
“color”: “red”,
“value”: 80
“overrides”: []
“fill”: 1,
“gridPos”: {
“h”: 10,
“w”: 24,
“x”: 0,
“y”: 12
“id”: 9,
“legend”: {
“alignAsTable”: true,
“avg”: false,
“current”: false,
“hideEmpty”: false,
“hideZero”: false,
“max”: false,
“min”: false,
“rightSide”: true,
“show”: true,
“total”: true,
“values”: true
“lines”: true,
“linewidth”: 1,
“nullPointMode”: “connected”,
“options”: {
“alertThreshold”: true
“pluginVersion”: “7.2.1”,
“pointradius”: 2,
“points”: true,
“renderer”: “flot”,
“seriesOverrides”: [],
“spaceLength”: 10,
“targets”: [
“namespace”: “AWS/DataSync”,
“metricName”: “FilesTransferred”,
“expression”: “”,
“dimensions”: {
“AgentId”: “$AgentID”
“region”: “$Region”,
“id”: “a”,
“alias”: “”,
“statistics”: [
“period”: “”,
“hide”: false,
“matchExact”: false,
“refId”: “A”
“thresholds”: [],
“timeRegions”: [],
“title”: “Files Transferred”,
“tooltip”: {
“shared”: false,
“sort”: 0,
“value_type”: “individual”
“transformations”: [],
“type”: “graph”,
“xaxis”: {
“buckets”: null,
“mode”: “time”,
“name”: null,
“show”: true,
“values”: []
“yaxes”: [
“$$hashKey”: “object:3464”,
“format”: “none”,
“label”: null,
“logBase”: 1,
“max”: null,
“min”: null,
“show”: true
“$$hashKey”: “object:3465”,
“format”: “short”,
“label”: null,
“logBase”: 1,
“max”: null,
“min”: null,
“show”: true
“yaxis”: {
“align”: false,
“alignLevel”: null
“bars”: false,
“dashes”: false,
“decimals”: 0,
“description”: “”,
“fillGradient”: 0,
“hiddenSeries”: false,
“percentage”: false,
“stack”: false,
“steppedLine”: false,
“timeFrom”: null,
“timeShift”: null