Cloudwatch - Application Load Balancer metric value changes based on time period

Grafana: v6.4.5
Host OS: Ubuntu 18.04.4

I have a dashboard set up to monitor traffic via an AWS application load balancer. I’m using requestcountpertarget with a bunch of different backend target groups to see requests for individual sites. This is working fine except I have noticed a weird issue.

The issue I’m having is that when I change the time period in Grafana, the values shown on the graph change by the original value x the number of full days back I go. Let me give an example below:

Time period:
24 hrs - peak requests on Feb 19th at 1630 = 4277

Time period:
2d - peak requests on Feb 19th at 1630 = 8554

Time period:
3d - peak requests on Feb 19th at 1630 = 12831

As you can see, every extra day added to the time period adds the original value to the total.

I thought maybe this was an issue with cloudwatch time periods so I messed around with specifying different explicit period values to the metrics but it didn’t change anything.

If anyone knows what’s going on here I’d very much appreciate the insight :slight_smile: