Choosing single day w/ time-picker ignores last second of day: 23:59:59 < event < 00:00:00

Hi all,

When selecting a single day as an absolute time range (i.e. double-clicking a single calendar day to set my endpoints as that day), Grafana helpfully sets the timestamps as the beginning and end of that day. However upon closer inspection, the end of day time is actually defined as 23:59:59, which in millisecond representation excludes the entirety of events occurring such that 23:59:59 < event < 00:00:00. This number is included as part of the query to the data source, so any <= filtering likely doesn’t work for timestamps that happen to occur past 23:59:59. I assume I’m missing something in my interpretation of how endpoints should be used (after reading Time range controls | Grafana Labs), but I’m not sure what it is that I’m missing. Certainly the strictness of the URL-encoded millisecond timestamp seems to indicate there’s nearly an entire second being dropped from the temporal search space, but I trust I’m not understanding something more fundamental (perhaps it’s up to the datasource to do equality comparisons at a granularity of a second, rather than a millisecond?).

Attached some screenshots from a dummy latest Grafana (v8.5.0-pre) to show this behavior.

Any help to understand this behavior would be greatly appreciated!!