Set time range as a particular day with one click

Hi everyone,

I want to configure a dashboard where I would specify a single date (using the built-in calendar selector) and the data for only that day is specified. My use case is to see intraday stock data. I don’t really ever want to see data across days.

The current way to do this would be to select a custom range from the time selector menu. But it involves selecting the date twice (in both the to and from fields) and setting the time from the start of the day to the end.

I would ideally like to just choose a date from the calendar, and the timeFilter should be set to that day’s beginning till that day’s end (say 00:00 to 23:59).

Is there any way to currently achieve this? Or any specific plugin that can help me out?


One way to solve this would be to have a panel level variable of datetime type. After choosing a datetime variable, all my queries could use the variable like time > $time_var and time <= $time_var + 1d. But afaik, no such variable type exists.