Changing the name of each series on a time series chart

This HAS to be a simple question but I cannot find the answer. I have a time series chart that is displaying two queries from AWS Timestream. One query for each piece of data. The names in the legend are awful - “measure_value::double”. I have found an override but it overrides both with the same name.

How to change the name of each series to “Resin A” and “Resin B”?

Image 13


Maybe using the alias field might do the trick?

@yosiasz - Thanks for that. There is no “Alias” field. Do I need to enable “Alias” or something?

what version of grafana are you using? And are you using the basic time stream plugin?

I am on Grafana cloud so v8.4.6 (c53173ff6)
My data source is from the Amazon Timestream add in. Version 1.5.1.
This is an evaluation account so it is less than 14 days old.

let me see if I can spin up an Amazon Timestream and play with it. unless there is a free one you know of!

I don’t know of a free one but there is a demo database that they have at AWS Timestream.

Please send me link? or provide details of the database and/or some sample data you could provide? looks like some iot pressure related data?

@yosiasz - Thank you for your offer. Unfortunately It would not be good policy for us to give access to our data. I DID reach out to Grafana support. I ultimately discovered that there are overrides for this. In case it helps others that are found:

“Add Field Override → Fields returned by query”
Select you field query name.
Enter a new field name.

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Glad you found the solution.

FYI: When people ask for sample data here and other data related forums, the ask is for obsfuscated/bogus data not your private data. You help us help you :wink:

@yosiasz - Thanks for clearing that up. IN what form when it is AWS Timestream? Some kind of exported and attached file?

in whatever form that can be re-imported into our own AWS TImeStream instance.