Custom labels for multiple time series

I have a site monitor that writes to an AWS Timestream database. I store the load times for all of the sites monitored in a single table, so when I do the query SELECT * FROM "<database>"."<table>" I get:

SiteName            measure_value::double    measure_name    time
site1.example      5.5                                    LoadTimeMS        2021-03-02 16:24
site2.example      5.3                                    LoadTimeMS        2021-03-02 16:24
site1.example      5.6                                    LoadTimeMS        2021-03-02 16:25
site2.example      5.2                                    LoadTimeMS        2021-03-02 16:25     

What I’d like to do is have a panel in Grafana that displays this time series data labeled with the site name. I’d prefer to pull it from the SiteName field, but if that’s not possible, I can put it in manually. How do I do this?