Changing the name of the time field in time series output

Howdy, is there any opportunity to specify a different name for the time column in a time series query?

I have an InfluxDB data source that already has a time column, called time. So when I come to use features like datebin that creates a new timestamp, I need to call it something else. But then in the series grafana expects, there’s the expectation of a time column. So to not clash I need to wrap my SQL SELECT in another SELECT only to rename the time column.

It’d be really handy to also be able to return _time or something similar, that grafana would ALSO be happy to accept. Any options already around this?

I don’t understand exactly, what is a problem, but you can try:

  • use AS on the “SQL” level to rename column
  • use organize transformation on the Grafana level to rename field in the result from datasource

I can do those yes, it just feels like a waste of CPU cycles. I know this is more a feature request, but thought it worth asking here before considering raising one.