_time column of Influx2 gets renamed to Time in Grafana 8.1.2

I am reading data from a .csv file using Telegraf and then writing to Influx2. There is a “_time” column in the .csv file. In the latest version of Grafana 8.1.2, the name of the column “_time” changes to “Time” in Grafana Table Panel.

When I run the same query in Influx2, the column name shows “_time”. But in Grafana Table Panel, the column name shows “Time” . This problem is not there in Grafana 8.0.3.

Hence, in order to resolve this issue, when I have to join tables from different buckets, i have to rename all columns named “_time” to “Time” in the queries. And then join the tables.

I suppose, this could be a problem if I have to use “_time” column in queries. Please let me know if I am wrong.

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I think Grafana might be mistaking syntax, similar to $__timeFilter() or $__time(), Underscores might be defaulting something in Grafana