Display - series override option to change legend name

Not sure if there is a way to do this currently with Grafana / Elasticsearch and I am just missing it. The problem I have is a dynamic list of customer_id values like 2035, 4011 being returned by the query which I need to replace with a friendly name like “Customer1”.

Series override is a great option for changing colors, index, etc… but I do not see an option to replace the legend name.


Grafana v4.2.0 (commit: 349f3eb) using Elasticsearch datasource.

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Go to metrics and look for alias by. This should be the way to go if i understand your question correct

Unfortunately this isn’t an option for elasticsearch, Alias by and aliassub are not available.

There were no more answers on this. I have a similar case where the value is a variable, and the legend name is not showing the label of the variable. It would be great if I could use a regex to alias the legend name. Did you ever resolve this? I am using MySQL so it’s a similar case.

I have the same problem with a MySQL database. A simple name override would do the job. Solution?

Actually this is a big deal. I multiple queries returning all with the same name. As it is now I can’t distinguish one from the other. Surely there is a work-around for this. Surely it is possible to add one more Series Override where an alias name can be used. !!! This is not a minor item.

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With v6.0.0 and the Graphite backend, I was able to rename individual series by adding the “Alias” function to the processing of a series. Here I renamed the unwieldy sum of 6 CPU series to “user”:


Is there an option to override legend names while using Graph in Grafana/Elastic Search combination? Please advise.

It seems to be simple option but not available while using graph. It’s working fine when using table display.