Changing height by pixel Grafana 5

I noticed that the pixel option is missing from the new Grafana. I updated from 4 to 5. This feature is crucial as I have corporate dashboards at multiple locations in my company that I’ve fine-tuned around the height by pixels option.

For now, I have reverted back to my old installation. Are there any plans to add this back into grafana? The ability to fine-tune by pixels in previous versions has given me the freedom to adjust my dashboards to where there are no blank spaces, scroll bars, etc. Just content. Many outside entities and non-IT employees see and use these dashboards, so appearance is a huge factor here.

Even if you give the ability to adjust the entire “grid” that the new version uses, I would be able to work with that. Any way to adjust by pixel height, either individually or for the entire grid, would work. I was very surprised to see no way to do this.