Changelog: Updates in Grafana 10.1.5

Features and enhancements

Bug fixes

  • Cloudwatch: Prevent log group requests with ARNs if feature flag is off. #75691, @sarahzinger
  • Alerting: Add support for keep_firing_for field from external rulers. #75257, @rwwiv
  • Canvas: Avoid conflicting stylesheets when loading SVG icons. #75032, @adela-almasan
  • Alerting: Prevent showing “Permissions denied” alert when not accurate. #74925, @VikaCep
  • BrowseDashboards: Only remember the most recent expanded folder. #74809, @joshhunt
  • Tempo Service Map: Fix context menu links in service map when namespace is present. #74796, @javiruiz01
  • Logs Panel: Performance issue while scrolling within panel in safari. #74747, @gtk-grafana
  • Bug: Allow to uninstall a deprecated plugin. #74704, @andresmgot
  • Licensing: Pass func to update env variables when starting plugin. #74678, @leandro-deveikis
  • Nested folders: Fix folder hierarchy in folder responses. #74580, @papagian
  • Share link: Use panel relative time for direct link rendered image. #74518, @Clarity-89
  • Alerting: Do not exit if Redis ping fails when using redis-based Alertmanager clustering. #74399, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Refactor AlertRuleForm and fix annotations step description for cloud rules. #74193, @soniaAguilarPeiron
  • RBAC: Chore fix hasPermissionInOrg. (Enterprise)
  • Licensing: Updated grpc plugin factory newPlugin signature. (Enterprise)
  • Reporting: Add support for old dashboard schema. (Enterprise)

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