Changelog: Updates in Grafana 10.4.0

Features and enhancements

Bug fixes

Breaking changes

We’re adding a between the response of the ID token HD parameter and the list of allowed domains. This feature can be disabled through the configuration toggle validate_hd . Anyone using the legacy Google OAuth configuration should disable this validation if the ID Token response doesn’t have the HD parameter. Issue #83726

If you use an automated provisioning (eg, Terraform) for custom roles, and have provisioned a role that includes permission with action alert.instances:read and some scope, you will need to update the permission in your provisioning files by removing the scope. Issue #82202

The following breaking change occurs only when feature flag nestedFolders is enabled.
If the folder title contains the symbol / (forward-slash) the notifications created from the rules that are placed in that folder will contain an escape sequence for that symbol in the label grafana_folder.
For example, the folder title is Grafana / Folder. Currently the label grafana_folder will contain the title as it is. If PR is merged - the label value will be Grafana \/ Folder.
This can break notifications if notification policies have matches that match that label and folder. Issue #81214

PanelContext.onSplitOpen is removed. In the context of Explore, plugins should use field.getLinks to get a list of data link models. Issue #80087

The unstable alert rule API has been changed and now expects a folder UID instead of the folder title as namespace path parameter.
I addition to this, the responses that used to return the folder title now return <folder parent UID>/<folder title> to uniquely identify them.
Any consumers of the specific API should be appropriately adapted. Issue #74600

Plugin development fixes & changes

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