Changelog: Updates in Grafana 10.4.3

Features and enhancements

Bug fixes

  • CloudMonitoring: Improve legacy query migrations. #87647, @aangelisc
  • Azure data sources: Set selected config type before save. #87585, @bossinc
  • Provisioning: Look up provisioned folders by UID when possible. #87467, @DanCech
  • Cloudwatch: Update grafana-aws-sdk to fix sts endpoints. #87348, @iwysiu
  • Alerting: Prevent search from locking the browser. #87231, @gillesdemey
  • SQLStore: Disable redundant create and drop unique index migrations on dashboard table. #86866, @papagian
  • Alerting: Take receivers into account when custom grouping Alertmanager groups. #86697, @konrad147
  • LDAP: Fix listing all non-matching groups. #86690, @mgyongyosi
  • Alerting: Fix simplified routing group by override. #86620, @JacobsonMT
  • Alerting: Return a 400 and errutil error when trying to delete a contact point that is referenced by a policy. #86162, @alexweav
  • LibraryPanelRBAC: Fix issue with importing dashboards containing library panels. #86150, @kaydelaney
  • Google Cloud Monitor: Fix res being accessed after it becomes nil in promql_query.go. #85959, @adamyeats
  • Google Cloud Monitor: Fix interface conversion for incorrect type in #85957, @adamyeats
  • Dashboard: Allow auto refresh option when saving a dashboard. #85921, @bfmatei
  • Reporting: Fix monthly schedule text and modify monthly schedule inputs behavior. (Enterprise)
  • SAML: Fix Authn request generation in case of HTTP-POST binding. (Enterprise)

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