Change title/word according to value

Hey guys,

I have a small dashboard where I show some data using a MySQL database and in my case I have a bar graph that shows the amount of power being charged by a battery. The battery may be charging (positive values) or discharging (negative values). What I would like to have is a “title/word” panel saying “charging” or “discharging” depending on the values that it got. Similar to the colour thresholds function but using words.
Is it possible in Grafana/Is there a plugin that does it?

Thanks for your help!

Can you share the screenshot of you dashboard and the drawing what exactly you want it will be beneficial to give you correct and possible solution @matiascorreiaisr

Hi, thanks for your attention!

I will try to better explain what I’m trying to have:
I have a batery which is charged/discharged and I want to monitor the condition of the battery with grafana. I have the power coming in from a data source (positive values for chargins and negative values from discharging). What I’m trying to do is have a label/title/word panel that changes the words according to the power.

For example if power is > 0 the panel would show “Charging” if the power is < 0 the panel would show “Discharging”.

Should be able to do this with SingleStat - Visualization - Value mappings, if I understood you correctly.
Range to text… say 0 - 1000 for Charging and -1000 to 0 for Discharging

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Thanks it’s exactly that!

I had no idea how to use the value mappings, but I managed to hang of it. It was way simpler than I thought :P!